Course Summary

Earth Wisdom Recordings

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Wholistic Skin Care

In this interview I talk with Camille Hazlewood Nurse Practitioner about natural skin care. She reviews  herbal allies that have supported, nourished and treated her face. She talks about recipes and other natural remedies both inside and out. It is a delightful conversation with a long time student of mine.  For the month of February 2021, Camille will be in our private facebook group for your questions and comments about her class. 

Meet Camille Hazlewood


Camille is a Family Nurse Practitioner by education and a seeker of all things wombanly. She has authored 3 books on Fertility Wellness and working on her fourth. 

Wholistic Skin Care with Camille

The World of Adaptogens


Lets explore adaptogenic plant allies with Master Herbalist and Certified Nutrition Coach Robert Graham. Robert provides some great information on several herbal allies that support us emotionally, physically and mentally.  Robert is a practicing Wholistic Practitioner and Trainer and has been apart of my community for over 10 years. 

Adaptogens with Roberts Graham

Essential Oils With Tanita Fadyeyola Harris-Ligons


Meet Mama!! Afrikan Woman, Humanitarian, Healing Dance, Community Gal.

She  combines her gift as an ENGAGING FACILITATOR with the power of dance, movement, meditation and affirmations to create trans-formative experiences that lead to personal and professional growth and development.

Here is our next class in the Earth Wisdom Series, welcome  Mama Tanita Fadyeyola!! She shares her wisdom and expertise on using essential oils for health and wellness. 


Essential Oils with Tanita Fadyeyola

Unschooling with Itiba


Meet Itiba from Blue Trunk Gardening Network.  She is an activist, mother partner and overall amazing person educating the community of food sovereignty, community gardening and so much more.  Listen to our interview about  unschooling and sustainable living. 

Unschooling with Itiba

Hoodoo 101 with Karen Gilkes


Meet Ms. Karen Gilkes,  Hoodoo Practitioner and Educator. I am excited to for you to meet this amazing woman as she shares her love for nature and hoodoo practices. 

Hoodoo 101 with Karen Gilkes