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Participate and get lifetime access to our Sage Woman Healer's Conference 2020.   Learn from an eclectic  group of Sacred Healers and Teachers in our series of sessions that will support soul nourishment  for healers  and taking inspired action toward your next conscious creation.

Sage Woman Healer's E- Conference

Spirituality In Action

September 25-27, 2020

We are gearing up for our 2nd annual Sage Woman Healer's Conference. This year we are bringing it to you online, with a series of sessions from a collection of teachers and healers that I have personal relationships with. These women have been in my orbit for years and I trust the wisdom they are going to bring.

This conference is for Sage Women Healers.  Regardless of our ages,  we all have a sage woman archetype that lives in us.  She welcomes all parts of us and craves for us to live authentically from our wholeness.

This conference will focus on building our spiritual tools AND preparing us to take passionate action in our communities.  Our sessions and workshops are intended to stoke your creativity, motivation, inspiration  and activate your next level conscious creations for community leadership.

Each prerecorded workshop will be released over the weekend and  paired with a live QA breakout session with each teacher. See Details Below:

E-Conference Details

Our Conference this year is virtual. All workshops are prerecorded and will be time released. Access to each workshop will be through a membership site.  Sage women, we will have designated times throughout the weekend when we will meet live (zoom). During these live sessions we will meet with the workshop presenters and connect with each other. 

Our time together is sacred and will be used to deepen into the wisdom being shared. Most teachers will lead everyone through an activity to gain further insight into the concepts being shared. See live session information below.

Live Sessions Dates and Times:


  • Friday 9-25-2020  7 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST - (Opening Circle)
  • Saturday 9-26, 2020  10 am EST to 12 pm EST:   3 pm  EST to 5 pm EST :  7 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST 
  • Sunday 9-27, 2020  11am EST to 12:30 pm EST:  2:30  pm EST to 3:45 EST:  4 pm EST to 5:30 pm EST (Closing circle)

Prerecorded Workshop Topics: Each Workshop will be paired with a LIVE discussion with the presenter. See live discussion schedule above.

  1. The Sacred Dance of Masculine and Feminine- Exploring the masculine and feminine energies at play in our lives. Lead by Kianga Ford
  2. Don't Think On It, Bleed On It- Learning about the blood mysteries , womb magic and manifestation. Lead by Camille Hazelwood
  3. Emotional Connection Thru  Movement and Affirmation- Exploring the emotional spiritual connection through body movement. We will learn how to activate states of peace, and high consciousness through moving affirmations. Lead by Tanita
  4. The Medicine Woman's Path to Entrepreneurship-Exploring key indigenous concepts  to creating and leading in your community as a business owner. Lead by Chonteau

Saturday Evening LIVE Online Events:

  1. Meditation and Art- Anamaria will guide you on an inner journey and then gently move you through an art experience.
  2. Unity Circle Discussion- With so much going on in our communities, healers are holding space for so many, Colette will hold space for you as she guides you through a round table talk to bring unity and understanding. This will be a safe space to share.
  3. Sacred Sounds Healing Meditation with Molly McCartney.  Molly will lead a group meditation with singing bowls, rattles and the ocean drum. 

Image below: Dagara Medicine Wheel

Investment Options: $77, $99, $111

Meet Our Conference Presenters


Hi my name is Chonteau and I am the founder of Soul Care University and the creator of this event. I have been walking the medicine path for nearly 30 years. I teach and train other urban shamans about folk herbalism, energy healing, and create containers for deep shadow  soul work. I am supporting medicine women move into entrepreneurship by moving beyond their limitations.

Chonteau's Course: Medicine Woman's Way to Entrepreneurship and The Four Major Healer Archetypes 

Camille Hazlewood

Camille Hazlewood is a Family Nurse Practitioner by education and a seeker of all things wombanly is her passion She is the author of two books that are geared towards women emotionally supporting women who are having challenges conceiving.

Camille's Course: Don't Think On It, Bleed On It

Tanita Fadyeyola Harris-Ligons

Tanita is the Owner/Creator of Move.Dance.LIVE!™, a unique teaching method and lifestyle brand, Tanita travels the world conducting movementshops and trainings, facilitating soulwork sessions & cross-cultural retreats. She combines her gift as an engaging facilitator with the power of dance, movement, meditation and affirmations to create experiences that lead to personal and professional growth.

Tanita's Course: Course: Emotional Connection Thru  Movement and Affirmation

Anamaria Romero

Anamaria  is a multimedia artist with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida. Her art practice involves inciting meditative moments of reflection from her audience through interactive installations. In her spiritual practice, she has fused elements of meditation, somatic practices, and animist rituals for over seven years. She currently teaches mindfulness/S.E.L. and art classes for grades k-12 on Outschool.

Saturday Evening Activity Leader-Meditative Art

Colette McLeod

Colette is a licensed therapist with a  Masters degree in counseling from Rollins College. She "helps the helpers" in her day job by managing a regional program for AdventHealth. Colette loves conversations, and environments, that allow for honest expressions of self believing each moment gives us an opportunity to gain insight and be our best selves.

Saturday Evening Activity Leader- Unity Circle Guided Discussion

Molly McCartney

Spiritual Coach and Energy Therapist Molly MacCartney is a veteran when it comes to spiritual coaching and energy therapy. 

Molly has 20+ years of experience in Intuitive Mediumship, Shamanic Awareness, Oracle Cards / Tarot, Chakra Reading and Energy Clearing for Soul Clarity.

Saturday Evening Activity Leader- Sacred Sounds Meditation. 

Post Conference Presenters

This year are excited to offer more  presenters offering post conference workshops. Meet more of our community leaders and look forward to their offerings post conference.

Kianga Ford

Kianga Ford is a thought leader, coach, facilitator, and speaker. She is the founder of Love & Freedom Education, where she works with curious adults on understanding contemporary masculinity and why it’s essential to the full realization of the feminine rising and to the expression of our deepest human potential.  Follow Me

Misti C. Miller

Misti is an intuitive practitioner, grounded in both traditional psychology as well as alternative energy health practices and coaching. She is passionate about incorporating transgenerational healing, inner child work, and social justice issues. This unique combination of skills facilitates healing services in a knowledgeable, compassionate, effective and efficient manner. 

Owassia Vanderberg

I am a Bereavement Specialist for Children's Hospital's Pediatric Palliative Care Team in Orlando, I provide bereavement support and guidance to individuals, couples, and families when they are faced with the end of a late-stage pregnancy, infant's, or child's death. I am also a Certified Thanatologist who is a dual licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor. Grateful to share my wisdom.


Hi my name is Chonteau and I am the founder of Soul Care University and the creator of this event. I have been walking the medicine path for nearly 30 years. I teach and train other urban shamans about folk herbalism, energy healing, and create containers for deep shadow  soul work. I am supporting medicine women move into entrepreneurship by moving beyond their limitations.

Shelley Baum

I am a woman, mother and healer. I enjoy places of natural power like the beach and nature. I’m a Florida native and graduate of Soul Care University and I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the past 10 years of study.

Julie Wilder

Julie Wilder is an entrepreneur and community advocate for co-creating progressive social, economic and environmental change. Currently, she stewards the beloved Spiral Circle Bookstore & More as co-owner and manager and offers a line of astrology calendars through Spiral Spectrum. She is also a mother, writer, graphic designer, amateur photographer, artist, folk doula and hobby herbalist.

Diazina Mobley

As a lover of spiritual growth practices and a  licensed Clinical Social Worker, Diazina has distilled her decades of experience into the five pillars of her POWER. This system has guided hundreds to re-discover th peace and power that they deserve by birthright!

Post Conference Workshop Descriptions:

  1. Nature Therapy for Women's Wellness.......Shelley Braind   We will explore ways to bring the beauty, peace and other healing properties of nature inside your home for art and well being.
  2. The Sage's Balm, Radical Self Love for Healers.....Diazina Mobley  This workshop will explore the deeper calling we need for our self love. Learn how to cultivate giving to ourselves  deeply and loving without apologies. You are a sage, born with gifts that you cultivate and share with the  world. Your medicine is powerful. 
  3. Healthy Grieving Never Ends....Owaissa Vanderburg     We avoid grief, mourning, tearful expressions of sorrow, or feeling sad. Yet, the only way to incorporate loss into a truly resilient self-story, is to identify the loss, lean into the depth of the sadness that exists, hold with tender compassion the physical and emotional expression of that loss, replace self-criticism with self-permission and grace, and let go of the expectations of time and solution. This presentation will explore one woman's version of this.

  4. Dismantling White Supremacy, One Woman's Journey.....Julie Wilder  White supremacy is on everyone's mind these days and this presentation will share my personal journey to dismantle white supremacy in my life as well as  create systems for equality  in the marketplace.
  5. Sustainable Soul Living....Chonteau  We often think of sustainable living when it comes to growing our own food or protecting our natural resources outside of ourselves, this presentation will explore sustainable living as it pertains to living a life that is thriving from the inside out.
  6. Self Energy Wellness.....Misti Miller  Wellness is achieved when your approach addresses the energetic and the physical. The two are intertwined. We will explore tending to our self care regimen in a way that includes the energetic realm. One where we can nourish our aura, authentic the self and secure our personal space.
  7. The Masculine and Feminine of Everything....Kianga Ford    Even though we identify as women, we all have both masculine and feminine energies operating within us.This session will focus on how to lead from the sage feminine and allow the masculine to play an exquisite supporting role.

Meet Your Host

OMG!! We are doing it again. When Covid landed in our laps I wondered if I could create an event like last year but online.

Well here we go, let's do it. I am just going to figure it out as I go along and know its going to be great!

I am Chonteau by the way. I am always looking for ways to support healers and medicine women in their personal development and if desired, I want to help you bring your gifts to your community.

After 30 years of walking this medicine path and the last 7 years in full time entrepreneurship, I am just ready to fully embrace what the rest of my life has for me. 

I invite you to join our community of healers for this weekend E-event.  I have lined up some beautiful women from my community. Some have been my students and some are my sisters of love.

I look forward to sharing them with you. Registration opens on the New Moon August 19, 2020.  So I'll see you soon!!

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Who is this for?

Is this Sage Woman Healer's E-Conference for you:

  • Sacred Healers, Teachers, Students, Herbalists and other Practitioners in the Spiritual Arts, I welcome you to be nourished and inspired to act with wisdom.
  • This conference will focus on building our spiritual tools AND preparing us to take passionate action in our communities. Our sessions and workshops are intended to stroke your creativity, motivation, inspiration and activate your next level conscious creations for community leadership

Weekend Spiritual Guidance 

 Sometimes its helpful to have further insight into our journey through life. I work with several oracles to support my entrepreneurial journey.  Our Readers will be available for one on one consultations throughout the weekend. Both Readers offer 30 minute sessions for $75.00.

Please check their individual information below to book an appointment. 

Ellie V

Oracle Readings for the Sage Women Healers

I've been doing readings for over 20 years and I've met people from all walks of life. I can honestly say,  it doesn't matter what you do for work, who you are married to or where you live. You cannot sidestep the inner work necessary for emotional balance and personal fulfillment. 

I know everyone is looking for the same thing and that is confirmation and validation. I have facilitated workshops on every topic having to do with self-discovery and enlightenment. I believe we have the power to heal our world.

"I was at a Psychic fair with my daughter and her friend. I made an appointment with Ellie V. We sat down and my daughter asked a few questions. It was my turn and at the time I was looking for my biological family. I told her I was looking to hire a private investigator to find my family. Without hesitation she said; "Do not hire a private investigator, your family will find you!" A few months later, I heard nothing. I thought to hire an investigator and the day before I made the call, I got a call from my biological sister. Wow! I was beside myself with joy! Two months later, I found Ellie to tell her she was right! I took my family over to meet her and to have another session."

Please call 213-249-4662 to schedule your appointment through out the weekend.

Cost: 30 minutes $75

Molly McCartney

Soul Clarity Reading for Sage Women Healers

Spiritual Coach and Energy Therapist Molly McCartney will be available for energy readings and spiritual guidance on the Zoom platform (video chat or phone call) during the conference from her office in Winter Park, FL.

Molly has 20+ years of experience in Intuitive Mediumship, Shamanic Awareness, Oracle Cards / Tarot, Chakra Reading and Energy Clearing for Soul Clarity. In each session, she uses her natural spiritual gifts along with her background in Neuro Linguistic Programming for Life Coaching to help you move from confusion to clarity so you can embrace the greater purpose for your path. She also specializes in helping developing spirit workers trust their intuition so they can walk away from what does not serve the highest and best and become a stronger healing presence in the world. Bring light to difficulties and obstacles, reconnect with a higher grace and walk more confidently on your path!

Click here to schedule your special Soul Clarity Reading for Sage Women Healers during the weekend of the conference (Fri-Sun): https://calendly.com/mollymaccartney/sage-woman-healers-30-minute-reading

Cost: 30 minutes $75

Want to learn more before you book? Visit www.mollymaccartney.com

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions you might have.

Will I have life time access?

Yes this E-Conference is 100% online and you will have lifetime access to the membership site.

How will I access the live sessions and what if I miss one?

All live sessions will be through zoom and will be recorded. I will upload them to the membership site.

This is my first virtual conference I am worried about the connection to others.

Fair question. Virtual conferences can be great if you are open minded. Your connection with others is up to you. There will be opportunities for discussion during our live sessions and the membership site will have opportunities for online connection.

Will I have enough time to listen to each recorded workshop?

You will have at least 3 hours between live sessions and each recorded workshop is no more than 90 min.

Are there scholarships available

YES!!! We have several scholarships available for

  • Hardtimes scholarship
  • BIPOC scholarship
  • Grandmother/Elder scholarship

Please email chonteau@chonteau.com to be considered for a scholarship. Please provide the following information in your email:

  1. Why do you want to attend this conference?
  2. What scholarship you are applying for.
  3. Why are you unable to purchase a ticket?
  4. Are you a student healer and/or practicing folk healer?

Investment Options: $77, $99, $111