Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for Beginners

Start Creating A New Way Of Being

The course comes with everything you need to know, to get your mindfulness and mediation practice started.  Start with simple steps and build your basic mindfulness IQ.  Learn how to meditate, and increase your spiritual tools with practical steps that will align you to inner peace. 




"This class has been incredible, and the work Chonteau does  is needed in the world. Developing a meditative practice has lead me to be in nature more, observe my thoughts more and now I know how to pause before taking my next steps. ~Shelley Braind




Hi, I am Chonteau! I created a short clip for you to get to know me better and I share a mindfulness tip to get you started on your mindfulness and meditation practice. The process of developing a mindfulness and meditation practice is not always easy. It takes time, practice and patience. I trust this course will help you in this process.


I got some great feedback during our pilot launch. One participant said the strategies she learned were so effective her mother started making changes too.  Wow!  This program is for the entire family. 

I look forward to you journeying with me over the next 6 modules.  Have fun!


A Step By Step Process

This course is for the seeker. How often have you tried to meditate but unable to stick with it? You are ready to learn but have not found the right  program to support you? Chonteau is a Master Teacher and has an incredible ability to break down the most complicated concepts into manageable bit size pieces.

With dedication and commitment to the Mindfulness and Meditation For Beginners Online Six Week Series,  each step you take, will lead you closer inner peace.

  • Easy to understand classes
  • Move at your own pace
  • Supportive practice assignments
  • Unlimited access

Course Curriculum

Module  1

  1. What is Mindfulness and Meditation?

  2. Creating a Space for Meditation

  3. Intention setting

  4. Working with our breath

  5. Developing a practice of awareness

Module 2

  1. Mind Body Connection

  2. Abdominal Breath

  3. Posture for Meditation

  4. Walking Meditation

  5. Awareness

 Module  3

  1. Our Emotions

  2. Guided Meditation to explore our emotions

  3. Introduction to Tapping on Pressure points


  1. Module 4
  2. Body Scanning

  3. Getting grounded and centered  in our bodies


Module 5

  1. Doing Nothing
  2. Judgements and Non- harming

  3. Embracing More Self Compassion


Module 6

  1.  Putting It All Together
  2. Addressing the Pitfalls.