Gathering Our Medicine

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This container opens  on October 10, 2022 and closes December 10, 2022. 

Each year from October  to January is the seasonal time of letting go. During Autumn is a time of gathering our medicine so we will be sustained through the winter months of slowness and stillness. This autumn season I am offering a container to gain wisdom, insight and tools to support your purification process. 

The wisdom offered will be nature centered, as you are invited to gather the medicine unique to you. It is the medicine that you gather at this time, that will l support you through winter. 

We will explore nature's remedies, insights into the season of decay and death, personal ritual and ancestral connection. 

Live Mentorship calls will occur on Mondays starting on Oct 10th and ending on Oct 31, 2022. Times will vary each week to give folks an opportunity to join the calls from varying time zones. Calls will take place between 10 am EST and 7:30 pm EST. 

Participants will have access of all container content until December 10, 2022. 

This container will be held by Chonteau. 

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