Healing With Archetypes

Soul Nourishment and Energy Awareness

Healing with Archetypes  is one of the most profound healing modalities that I have found to support my personal growth and the growth of my students and clients.  When I gave myself permission to explore the many parts of my soul in the language of archetypes, I uncovered a system of healing that has supported me over the last 10 years. Having been introduced to archetype and parts work from one of my beloved mentors, at the time I was only able to comprehend small bites of this ancient healing model, now 20 years later I am able to fully integrate a deeper understanding. I have freed myself from limiting beliefs, healed old wounds that haunted me for years and gained a valuable tool to support my students and clients.

Viewing our lives through the lens of archetypes or our parts is not new by any stretch, however there seems to be a resurgence and thirst for understanding our personal and collective myths.

This 7 part  online course will:

  • help our students break down their own  stories and began to understand just how these myths are playing out in their lives. It is through this understanding that we can begin to face our deepest fears or demons  and create a space for self understanding and healing.
  • provide a fresh way to look at our behaviors and connect them to a set of archetypes that we may not have been aware were running our lives.We will explore the 7 shadow and 7 life affirming or functional archetypes.
  •  lightly review the 7 major chakras and their connection to these archetypes as well as ways to nourish and support our chakras on a daily basis
  • provide assessments and activities to support the exploration, healing and nourishment of our souls.

Upon purchase of this course you will have access to all 7 Moon Modules.  This is a self guided course, you may move as quickly or slowly as you choose.

Who this course is for:

This course was designed for my apprentices in our Sacred Healers Program. The wisdom of the Sacred Healers Program is now open to the  mainstream  in our part time program and is  intended to support those who want to deepen their connection to self and heal past hurts and wounds. 

This 7 part self guided, online series is for anyone who wants to work with their own archetypes both in the shadow and affirming realms. You may be a budding healer or seasoned practitioner that is looking for ways to deepen your work with others by doing your own healing work.

This course will provide you with the necessary information you will need to begin your healing journey with your  inner community and start living with more freedom and self love.