Foundations of the Goddess Tradition for Healers 6 Month Journey

Wise Women Healing Activation Membership

Are you ready to work with Medicine Woman? Chonteau has been on the indigenous healer  path for 30 years. She has supported many healers, awaken their wise woman within by teaching them the way of the Great Mother. She has so much to share and the benefits of learning about the ways of the Goddess is freedom, unlimited creativity and living your souls mission. 

Here next program is here, and she is taking no more than 13 women on a journey into the Foundations of the Wise Woman tradition. The wise woman tradition is the way of the ancient Goddess. This feminine, nature centered way of living and being,  is resurfacing and the time is now for our modern day medicine women to activate this energy strand that is lying dormant within us. We are here to usher in the Golden Age of  Light and this is done by embracing the Way of the Great Mother.

Chonteau only works with a small group of women at a time and fewer move on into her Sacred Healers Apprenticeship Program. For more information on the SHAP please go to this link => Sacred Healers Apprenticeship Program.

 Read on to learn about our newest program for Awakening Wise Medicine Women.

We will meet virtually, every third Thursday of each month for six months starting on November 21, 2019.

In this wise woman activation  program you will have the opportunities to participate and learn:

  • 6 monthly live virtual calls every third Thursday of the month, at 7:00 pm,  starting Nov 21, 2019. Each call will be recorded.
  • Private facebook group to connect with the other women and connect with Chonteau in between monthly calls.
  • Access to the Goddess Foundations Activation Portal, a membership site,  which contains additional opportunities for learning, a forum  and all recorded classes.
  • Additional content for learning, will be links to articles, complementary videos, home work, and products will be available to support your inner Goddess awakening.

Course Content:

  • Wise woman tradition  foundational information, Chonteau has 30 years of information, research and experiences
  • 7 Rivers of healing  by Susun Weed, which are 7  life changing steps and insights to adopt for your healing journey.
  • Intro to shadow healer archetypes, this is the basic knowledge of working with the hidden aspects of ourselves that we tend to label as negative. These shadow aspects of ourselves have deep wisdom and offer insight for our growth and development. 
  • Intro to Women's Blood mysteries, which is understanding the power of womb wisdom

Transmissions and activations occur when we are in the frequencies of certain energies.  This Foundations of the Goddess Traditions for Healers  is a live transmission of the Goddess tradition. This does not mean, study and inner work is not required in fact, more study and inner work will be required to fully activate this foundational wise woman transmission.

This opportunity is  available for a selected number of women healers who are ready to deepen into The Way of the Great Mother and awaken aspects of your wise woman archetype.

This 6 month program is an introduction into the wise woman/goddess tradition and will give you a foundational understanding of the  tools needed to  tap more deeply into your souls purpose, live from your inner core power, increase your magnetizing energy  and connect you more to your authentic voice.

Early registration has ended, however there is still time to register. I have three openings left.

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