Growth & Grief


I am a clinical and intuitive therapist by trade, training, and passion. I've seen and heard many things. I've supported, empowered, educated, and shared in so many things with my clients....

All that to say, I'm not new to grief. I've supported folks through it, taught psychoeducation groups about it, and I've experienced it personally.

And still... My grief caught me off guard. I've lost no loved one's. I'm solid although saddened around the tragedies plaguing the nation. And I'm experiencing joy the last few months especially.

Denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. I was down to sadness before it hit me. I. Am. Grieving.

As I welcome new shifts for myself, and a  separation of image management, I've been basking in the pleasures of my desires and inner healing work coming to fruition. AND YET.... who I have been for quite some time has served me. Yes, there was pain, sadness, anger, and dysfunction.... but she was also a BEAST. She was fierce. Passionate. Controlled. Intelligent. Driven. Determined. Persistent. Protective. She supported me when I did not allow others to do so. She protected me in ways that I have no words for.

Talk about growing pains.

So many amazing things happened under her watch. While I'm excited for this new chapter. I will miss her. And I grieve. And although grieving is heavy stuff. I can see how much I cared about her and she cared about me... and that's a beautiful thing.

She reminds me to keep breathing. Embrace it and allow it to move through me as it needs. She is missed AND had not left. The lessons she's learned remain a part of the wisdom I hold.

Here is to growing and grieving. 


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