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We are a Folk Wisdom, Education, Healing and Empowerment Center. SCU’s main purpose is to Support, Educate and Empower (S.E.E.) our communities and individuals embrace  holistic and earth-centered living.  As we step more fully into our truth,  we are  reclaiming our indigenous values, wisdom and technologies from all systems, including our own minds, that are rooted in oppression. We are ready to deeply care for our Souls.  

Through39890033-A97B-4C42-95A0-9F23F14F3A87.jpeg  our ancestral  voices,  we are here to support ALL of our communities thrive for the betterment of the collective. 

Many of our courses  and online programs are intended to support  ALL peoples.  Our Wisdom Keepers  present all courses from a conscious cultural lens.

Courses and programs that are BI & Poc exclusive,  will be labeled as such.  All other courses are for anyone who aligns. 

We are in an expansive phase of our growth as we seek out  Wisdom Keepers to offer courses in our expanding subject areas. 

Our Guiding Principles: 

 Honor the Indigenous ways

Embrace Growth and Change

Act with Integrity and Have a Positive Impact

Focus on Strengths

Seek Excellence

Cultivate Healthy Partnerships

Value the Wisdom of the Seasons

Think Generationally


We have several subject course areas: earth centered living, soul healing/care, meditation, folk  medicine courses and lectures, and wholistic business leadership.

Soul Care University is a distance learning institution that is deeply committed to teaching Folk Medicine  from a Indigenous perspective, while  providing  opportunities for deep healing.   

Conscious Black Girls Envisioning Online Membership is Always ready for you!

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CBGE is an exclusive community for conscious Black Women getting in touch with our unique needs and desires. By connecting as a community, we are healing from the past and visioning the future from our power places. Will you allow yourself to be supported in a way that has been calling your soul for years? Enrollment now! Follow this link below to learn more. 

Our Schools of Wisdom 

Looking for our programs and courses? Click one of the icons below and you will be guided to the appropriate school to view our  current offerings. 

SCU School of Health and Wellbeing

Meditations, Mindfulness, Nourishment, Ritual, Sacred Wisdom

SCU School for Nature's Wisdom 

Plant Medicine, Nature Connection and Learning 

      SCU School for Soul-Preneurship 

 Soul-preneurial Support for Sacred Healers and Wisdom Keepers    


SCU School Of Conscious Leadership

Cultivating Consciousness within leadership and community engagement.  


Community Connections 

Our Community is our strength. We rely on our community of students,  community partners and guest faculty to keep us strong.  One of our Founder's  core value's, is creating deep lasting relationships and authentic connections. 

And yes... We love to have fun!!

Thinking about joining our community, A note from our Founder Chonteau:



Thinking about joining our community?  Here's a few things to know. I am in a constant state of change, deepening and growth. Everything I share always reflects where I am at on my healing journey. I am learning to serve the Feminine with an open heart and follow the bread crumbs she is laying out for me. 

This year 2023 is about "living out loud". At 53,  and over 30 years on this path, I am still figuring it out. 

I will share what courses, programs and events I have coming up. I will  also share what I am learning and any nuggets along the way.

I am mostly female centered and most of my offerings are for women. Look forward to connecting with you. 

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Ancient Wisdom and The Sacred

Our Founder, Chonteau has been walking  the Medicine Way for 33 years.  All that she shares aligns with earth-based spirituality. She carries the wisdom of the Ancestors and Elders. Soul Care U bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modernity. We are about creating sacred spaces for Healing, Remembering and Expanding.

Explore Our Programs and Courses

 Our online learning focuses  on personal power and doing good in the world.   We also offer selected workshops throughout the community.



 My name is Chonteau and I am the Founder of Soul Care University. After retiring from a rewarding career as a Social Worker, I opened up a sacred healing practice. After several years of providing Spiritual Life Coaching and Traditional  healings, I moved to the next phase of my life's mission which was to open a healing and empowerment center. 

Soul Care U is a dream come true. Thank you for visiting our center and I trust you will find what your soul is calling for.

Chonteau's Creations 

Where Nature and Spirit Meet

chonteauscreations.com was established in 1997.  We offer healing botanicals, artifacts and spiritual tools. We now have a website with juicy wisdom and our own virtual storefront!!