Soul Care U

ancient wisdom for modern times

Thank you for visiting Soul Care U. This community is here for your remembrance.  Everything we offer is in service to  the ancientness.  She is why we are here. She, is the ancient mother, and she calls us continually, to return to her ways of living, playing and being. 

The traditions of the ancient mother are steeped in the indigenous. The great wisdom teaching communities around the world are our guides. Each of us, if we reach back far enough in our lineages, we will access a time when the Goddess was revered. 

Her wild, messy, erotic, playful, nourishing, chaotic, and destructive ways were not feared but accepted. Within these attributes are the cycles of  birth, life and death... aka, creation! 

Soul Care U is container for sacred communities. She holds us  while we remember the ancientness of who we are. 

Below you can view our various sacred communities. We value the integrity of all that is created here and our communities are exclusive. If there is something that calls you please reach out to us. To assess readiness, all invitations to our containers occur after Chonteau, our Founder has spoken with you briefly.

To feel more into her energy it is recommended that you follow her on Instagram or Facebook. 

Free Online Community for Women

Our Shooting siStars online community welcomes women who are devoted to  remembering  the most ancient parts of ourselves that are asking for expression. Deep within us, is the wisdom and knowledge of all the ages. There is a deep love buried within.  Underneath all the programs and patterns of this matrix, lives the truth of all.  Shooting siStars is an invitation to self inquiry, self liberation, and sovereignty  through remembrance.  click here to join our free online community 

Mini Virtual Sessions 

I am aiding in your remembrance of what is ready to be felt and seen. Chonteau has a particular medicine and she uses numerous tools to assist in your ancient remembering. Each session is unique.  Chonteau is guided by the Spirit and the energy. 


Self guided container, devoted to shinning light on our unseen patterns. Through journal prompts, weekly transmissions and sacred witnessing  we unwind and remember our authenticity. Please go here and complete the form if you are interested. 

The Call

The Call. It’s a weekly podcast style zoom call, that is an invitation to deepen into the aspects of the Ancient Mother. This  is sometimes confronting, always unapologetic,  and wants to call you back in. Are you ready to see what is hidden from your view?  This container is for those who are done hiding from themselves  and ready to dance with emotionally sobriety.  You can complete this application.

Monthly Group Mentorship for Awakening Practitioners 

Are you an awakening practitioner, healer and wisdom keeper?  As you deepen into your practices so do your offerings. As you embody the medicine way, so will your offerings come from a place of maturity. Its a process and I am hear to be one of your guides, if you choose. One Sunday a month I am offering in person group mentorship to awakening practitioners who are called to deepen into the medicine way.  $15  contact me for information: 863-272-9125