Soul Care University 

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Welcome to Soul Care University!  We are primarily  a mystery school and folk healing learning  and empowerment center.

The first avenue of folk healing is to focus on our self development and healing.

Before we can show up for others we learn to show up for ourselves. Before we can carry on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors we live it for ourselves.


It is our intention to preserve the ancient healing methodologies of our ancestors and continue passing on the folk wisdom from our elders, teachers and healers to our future. Our goal is to further our connection to Natural Living in its many interpretations and support those who are open to learning, and expanding for the highest good of all.


We are here to awaken the folk healer in you, prepare you to be the urban shaman that you know you are.

Under the products tab you will find our current  online programs/courses, retreats and workshops. 

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Hi I am Chonteau Blake McElvin and I am the Founder and Chief Operator of Soul Care U.  This dream has been knocking at my door for many years.  I have imagined a mystery school that reflected my way of awakening to my greatest calling.

Training and supporting urban shamans is my greatest passion.  After trying to become a teacher in other people's programs and getting rejection after rejection, I got tired of the no's and decided to create some yeses, so  I started my own school!

I love what has been created here and we keep dreaming! I am in a constant state of evolving and the online programs, retreats, workshops and products reflect that. I welcome you to meander through and see what peeks your interest. 

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Thank you being on the journey with us.  Here's to year three at Soul Care U.

Love and Bliss,