Soul Care University 

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Welcome to Soul Care University! 

We are a education, healing an empowerment center.

It is our intention to preserve the ancient healing methodologies of our ancestors and continue passing on the folk wisdom from our elders, teachers and healers to our future. Our goal is to further our connection to Natural Living in its many interpretations and support those who are open to learning, and expanding for the highest good of all.


Join us for our Wise Woman Healer Conference Orlando, FL


Six years of cultivating a community of wise women, we now bring our vision to a conference devoted to supporting, educating and empowering  woman develop and understand how to cultivate the wise woman way of living and nourishing all parts of ourselves.  


Explore Our Courses

 Our online courses focus on soul healing, herbal wisdom and mindfulness.  


About Me

 My name is Chonteau and I am the founder and creator of Soul Care University, After years of getting turned down to teach at other online schools, I decided to create a Yes and start my own.