Welcome to Soul Care University! 

We are a Folk Wisdom, Education, Healing and Empowerment Center.

It is our intention to preserve the ancient healing methodologies of our ancestors and continue passing on the folk wisdom from our Elders, Teachers and Healers to our 39890033-A97B-4C42-95A0-9F23F14F3A87.jpegcommunities.

All of our online courses, training programs and community events, center around building your skills as a competent, authentic and healed wholistic practitioner and medicine woman. 

Our training courses and programs  support various Spiritual  Holistic Practitioners,  Mental Health Therapists and other IMG_0975(1).JPGCommunity Members seeking to live more authentically  and build a healing practice incorporating these ancient healing methods.

Soul Care U stands out as one of the top Black Owned programs in Florida that is deeply committed to teaching Folk Medicine and Shamanism  from a BIPOC perspective, while  providing  opportunities for deep healing. 

We are one of the only programs in Florida that provides a Shamanic apprenticeship for women. Our students are the6F4698EA-1702-46E7-A466-0FAD556D7D0E.png next wave of Sacred Healers and Conscious Leaders our world needs. 

Chonteau's Creations on Etsy

Chonteaus' Creations was established in 1997.  We offer healing botanicals, artifacts and spiritual tools. 

Featured Online Course: The Green Witch Yearly Membership


Reopens on September 18, 2021.

For the Green Witch, each year offers new possibilities for learning new herbs, connecting with nature, incorporating rituals and playing with the nature spirits. Each year I share on my social media sites, what I am doing in my garden and how I keep myself enchanted by the magic of nature. This year I decided to share the stories behind my magical garden post and mystical medicinal brews in a collection of folk healing wonderment.

Green witchery is about folk healing in all of her expressions, its about being invited into a world of mystical, magical wonderment and choosing to play along.

I created The Green Witch Yearly Guide To Natural Magic because many of us have forgotten that we are healers. We have forgotten the natural ways of living with our ancient mother earth, and  I wanted to bring remembrance that our hands are healing tools; through planting, weaving and creating we are healing not just ourselves, but the entire world.

The Green Witch online course contains 12 modules or months that align to one  year and two bonus modules. E3BC4DB3-A655-4C00-99B6-82532570EE19.jpegYou are are also signing up  for our  yearly membership. This includes access to our membership facebok group where I share more herb fun, herb walks, classes and more.

You have full access to all modules which allows you to start right away. 

Each module contains but not limited to:

  • folklore and  some medicinal value of each herb, tree or other plant ally
  • full color pictures of plant allies  
  • hands on activities and step by step instructions, opportunities for reflective moments 
  • spells and charms digital journal for capturing reflective moments, uploading pictures and adding recipes
  • home remedies and recipes  (some pictures included)
  • Nature based rituals and ceremonies
  • Moon phases dates
  • Information and rituals for the solstices and equinoxes
  • brews and other green witchery spells.
  •  You are invited to participate in my very exclusive private facebook group  where you will meet other green witches and herbal junkies and just folks who love  nature. You will retain membership to this exclusive facebook group automatically when you purchase this course. Your card will be run every 364 days. You can cancel at any time.

BONUS*** Our Earth Wisdom Series is completed however, all of the recordings from all of our guest teachers are still accessible. By joining our community membership, you will have access to 6 additional courses from our expert teachers. 

This membership  is your perfect learning companion for increasing your herbal knowledge, learning home remedies, living in sync with mother nature  and how to use nature based rituals and wisdom to bring more magic to your life.

I can't wait to play with you!

Community Connections

Our Community is our strength. We rely on our community of students, advisory board members, community partners and guest faculty to keep us strong.  One of our Founder's  core value, is creating deep lasting relationships and providing a safe place  for authentic connections.


Ancient Wisdom and The Sacred

Our Founder, Chonteau has been walking  the Medicine Way for 30 years.  All that she shares aligns with earth-based spirituality. She carries the wisdom of the Ancestors and Elders. Soul Care U bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modernity. We are about creating sacred spaces for Healing, Remembering and Expanding.

Explore Our Programs and Courses

 Our online learning and shamanic training focuses  on soul healing, herbal wisdom and mindfulness.   We also offer selected workshops throughout the community.

Featured Course: 

The Medicine Woman's Path to SoulPreneurship Online Course


 My name is Chonteau and I am the Founder and Chief Instructor at Soul Care University. After retiring from a rewarding career as a Social Worker, I opened up a sacred healing practice. After several years of providing Spiritual Life Coaching and Shamanic healings, I moved to the next phase of my life's mission which was to open a healing and empowerment center. Serving as a mentor and trainer for awakening medicine healers is my greatest joy.

Soul Care U is a dream come true. Thank you for visiting our center and I trust you will find what your soul is calling for.