Soul Care University 

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Welcome to Soul Care University!  We are primarily a distance learning, virtual empowerment center. We focus on providing thoughtful and  creative e-courses and programs that encourage  soul nourishment from an earth based spiritualist perspective.

I love creating program content that supports  the  development of one's spirituality  and deepens one's relationships with self and nature.

 I founded Soul Care U as a  vehicle to share the earth-based spiritual tools, techniques  and  ideals that have supported the personal development of myself and our communities.

It is our intention to preserve the ancient healing methodologies of our ancestors and continue passing on the folk wisdom from our elders, teachers and healers. Our goal is to further our connection to Natural Living in its many interpretations and support those who are open to learning, and expanding for the highest good of all.

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Hi I am Chonteau Blake McElvin and I am the Founder and Chief Operator of Soul Care U.  This dream has been knocking at my door for many years.  I did not know how this information wanted to be shared and many years have been spent waiting for Soul Care U to unfold.  I have tried many avenues over the years, piecing things together until I found a platform that looks and  feels good. So here we are and  I am so excited to share this journey with you. 

On this site you will find our online courses, free offerings and our podcasts.  I encourage you to become a member of our community so you can take advantage of our members- only specials and inspirational soul nourishing  messages.  By filing in the pop up box and obtaining your free body scan meditation, you are in.

You can also learn more about my other offerings at my mother site

Thank you being on the journey with us.  Here's to year two at Soul Care U.

Love and Bliss,