Cold and Flu Home Remedies

Meet Chonteau, your founder of Soul Care U. It's that time again, cold and flu season, and many of us are choosing to go the natural route. While some of us chance it with the flu shot, what other options are out there?

In this podcast, I share three cold and flu folk remedies with herbs you can get from your local grocery store.


Demystifying Mysticism with Molly

Meet Molly MacCartney she is a Master Intuitive and Practical Spirituality Teacher. With over 20 years of dedication to this calling, it's her greatest joy to offer a sacred space and a compassionate perspective in which you can experience guidance, healing and inspiration.


Natural Wear With DevitaDesigns

Devi Devita is a Natural Artist and High Priestess with DevitaDesigns. She is back with another talk. In this podcast she shares her wisdom about natural wear, indigenous textiles and the importance of knowing what is going on our skin.


Dance As A Revolution with Tanita Fadyeyola

This talk is spattered with pure synchronicity and a testimony that there are no coincidences.   Journey with Tanita as she  shares her stories of childhood racism, abuse and  feeling lost,  then be inspired of how dance helped her to transcend all of it and join the Dance Revolution!



Healing Vibrations With Clare Hedin

Meet Clare Hedin, she is a sound-healer, international speaker, protector of the sacred, and educator for the creative potential of humanity.

This conversation unwinds so  beautifully and there are many hidden gems for us to ponder for days. Clare is a philosopher and invites us to explore the space in between our thoughts and words. It is within this void our greatest potential lives.


 Expressing Your Unique Indigenous Self

Meet Olatokunboh Obasi MSc, RH (AHG), CNS she  is a wellness professional in herbal medicine, nutrition and indigenous ways of practice.  She is an educator/founder of Well of Indigenous Wisdom school for herbal medicine and African cosmology and owner of Kuti Herbals. 

 In this conversation on Soul Time, we dive deep into walking the medicine path as a healer in this modern day. Ola gives us a glimpse of what lead her to this path of a Herbalist, Activist and Teacher.



Honoring Our Maidens with Jess Kovach

Meet Jess Kovach, she is feeling like there is no better time or place than here and now to host girls coming of age circles in our community.  In this Soul Time Talk Jess and I talk  about the importance of creating coming of age ceremonies for our girls.  Join us s we as we skip through through the meadow and remember our inner girl magic.



Why Can't I Move Forward

In this Soul Time Talks Podcast I  talk about the steps I move through before starting any major projects or  when I find myself  having difficulty moving forward. It has little  to do with strategies and organization  and more to do with understanding my inner dialogue.

At the end of the call, I provide you with one of my favorite visualizations for gaining insight into my inner dialogue and see,  just who is running my "house".


The Art of Sacred Receiving

In this podcast Chonteau talks about the Art of Sacred Receiving. How often do you say thank you out of obligation or because you were taught that was the polite thing to do? Guess what? Many of us do not know how to receive with an open heart. We are walking around dismissing and rejecting our blessings because no one modeled to us how to truly receive with openness.




What to Look For When Choosing A Medicine Healer

What do you look for when choosing a medicine healer, Shaman and /or Priestess?  It can be a slippery slope trying to understand who is the best healer for you in the great sea of modern day shamans. Most of us did  not grow up  in indigenous villages where the medicine man and woman were at our disposal.

In this podcast, What To Look For When Choosing A Medicine Healer, Chonteau shares her top 4 criteria she looks for when choosing a healer to learn from or seek support from.

chonteau edit.jpg

Living With Your Whole Self With Vivianna

I met Vivianna several years ago at a women's circle and I have enjoyed watching her unfold and open to her wild heart to life.   In this conversation she gives us a peak into her own self care journey and how it has evolved over the years.

Vivianna gives us some insight on her womb wellness journey,  share tips on making  New Year's life style changes and  shares her wisdom about self care from the wise woman perspective.  This conversation is right up my alley and we fell in to beautiful flow. 


Stepping Into All Of Who We Are With Mama Sophia

How do we step into all of who we are and be all that the Universe is calling us to be when we are afraid, that might not be good enough? Mama Sophia talks about stepping out on faith and entering into a world that is familiar and uncomfortable.  Mama Sophia is a urban grower, root worker, Divine Oracle and Educator to say the least. She says, "when you have passion and ownership anything is possible".  She shares  her journey about opening her heart and listening to her ancestors call to creating a healing space for herself, family and community.



What Is A Death Positive Experience With Owaissa Vanderberg

What is a death positive experience? How can we honor the death process for ourselves and our loved ones? Owaissa talks about her experiences and her passions with working with those who are at the end of their lives.


An Introduction To Galactic Consciousness

Meet Devi Devita a Natural Artist and High Priestess with DevitaDesigns. She shares her wisdom on natural time in this Intro to Galactic Consciousness discussion.   Learn ways to connect to the rhythms of our earth mother and connect with the 13 moon oracle.