Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for Beginners



The course comes with everything you need to know, to get your mindfulness and mediation practice started. Start with simple steps and build your basic mindfulness  IQ with each lesson. This course is for the seeker who is ready to learn how to meditate and live more mindfully, thus creating more emotional resiliency and greater coping for day to day stress.

The course is now open.  Students have unlimited access to each lesson  and can move at your own pace. Once you have completed each lesson the next one is available.

This course  contains 6  modules. Each module contains a 45 minute  to 60 minute class, home activities, digital journal and visual art.  This course is taught by me, Chonteau.  I have been living and learning about  mindfulness and meditation for 25 years. I have been teaching and leading meditation and mindfulness groups for over 20 years. To learn more about me and my training go here.

"Every class of Chonteau's I've taken has shown me something, has matched up perfectly in my life, has involved some sort of inner healing or reflection, and even once I experienced samadhi (at least momentarily, a moment of blissful union with the Divine).. so THANK YOU! for holding the space that you do, and creating the field that you create." Nikki Smith

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USD 116.00

Green Magick Herbal Class Perfect Passion Flower

Summer Sunday Series June 24, 2018 6:30 pm

Green Magick Herbal Classes are a summer series of classes offered on several Sundays throughout the summer. Each class is independent of the other and will cover one green plant ally per class.

All classes will take place in the loving healing garden of Soul Care U in Clermont Fl. We will explore the aspects of each  plant ally with the lens of the wise woman way.

You will have the opportunity to understand: History and Folklore, Medicinal properties for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, herbal ritual uses, and whatever else the sacred plant wants to share. All workshops will contain a hands on medicine making experience.

 June 24, 2018 6:30 pm to 8 pm Clermont, Florida

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USD 20.00

Aligning The Masculine and Femine Guided Meditation


This 30 minute meditation is perfect for getting in touch with our feminine wise voice and the action oriented masculine within. Working with this meditation will support your personal and spiritual  growth. 

USD 11.60

Sacred Tree Guided Meditations

Course Description: In this meditative journey you will be guided to connect with the sacred language of trees. Trees contain ancient wisdom and in this journey, you will enter into their world and uncover the messages they have for you.

This meditative journey contains two meditations and a bonus commentary section to help you deepen  and integrate your experience. 

Facilitator Chonteau

USD 11.60

Sacred Healing Garden Meditative Journey

Course Description:  This three part virtual meditative journey takes you on a journey to learn one of the most amazing shamanic healing techniques you can possibly learn.   You will be guided to create an inner sacred healing garden, which will  open an inner portal for healing and transformation. You will receive three guided meditations and instructions for using these meditations on a daily basis. This course contains a bonus Light Language track healing transmission. 

Facilitator: Chonteau McElvin


USD 21.00