Aligning The Masculine and Femine Guided Meditation

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This 30 minute meditation is perfect for getting in touch with our feminine wise voice and the action oriented masculine within. Working with this meditation will support your personal and spiritual  growth. 

USD 11.60

Great Eagle Guided Meditation

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Are you ready to journey with the Great Eagle and see your vision or challenge from its best vantage view?

This  meditation is perfect for anyone who is grappling with a challenge, looking for insights or wanting to clarify a their next steps. The doors to your subconscious mind will be opened to the solutions and opportunities that have been evading you will come to light. Bonus commentary on the best way to use this meditation is included. 

USD 11.60

Sacred Tree Guided Meditations


Course Description: In this meditative journey you will be guided to connect with the sacred language of trees. Trees contain ancient wisdom and in this journey, you will enter into their world and uncover the messages they have for you.

This meditative journey contains two meditations and a bonus commentary section to help you deepen  and integrate your experience. 

Facilitator Chonteau

USD 11.60

Sacred Healing Garden Meditative Journey

Course Description:  This three part virtual meditative journey takes you on a journey to learn one of the most amazing shamanic healing techniques you can possibly learn.   You will be guided to create an inner sacred healing garden, which will  open an inner portal for healing and transformation. You will receive three guided meditations and instructions for using these meditations on a daily basis. This course contains a bonus Light Language track healing transmission. 

Facilitator: Chonteau McElvin


USD 21.00

Intuitive Herbal Mentor

Course Description: This 9 month course takes you on a journey to deepen your relationship with our plant allies and nature. We move beyond the book knowledge to journey with the plant allies and uncover their secrets. This  class is perfect if you love nature and believe that our deep connection to her supports our well being on every level?   Whether you are just starting out, or you have been dabbling in the spiritual arts for years, there is always more our sacred plant allies want to share.

Facilitator: Chonteau

USD 149.00

Awaken Your Earthen Soul

 Course Description:  This free sample class explores the first step to awakening our earthen souls.   Chonteau reviews breaking down the wall of green and what  it means to explore our natural world close up.

Facilitator: Chonteau


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30 Minute Discovery Session

Would you like to work with Chonteau? She is interested in hearing from you if you are called to do so.  Please complete the information form and someone from her team will reach out to you. Discovery sessions are the first step to working with Chonteau. Whether you are called to work with her for one session or long term, she will assess your needs move forward accordingly. 

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