The Green Witch~ Your Yearly Guide To Natural Magic Membership

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Intuitive Herbal Mentor

Online Herbal Journey

Course Description: This 9 month course takes you on a journey to deepen your relationship with our plant allies and nature. We move beyond the book knowledge to journey with the plant allies and uncover their secrets. This  class is perfect if you love nature and believe that our deep connection to her supports our well being on every level?   Whether you are just starting out, or you have been dabbling in the spiritual arts for years, there is always more our sacred plant allies want to share.

Facilitator: Chonteau


Sacred Healing Garden Meditative Journey

Course Description:  This three part virtual meditative journey takes you on a journey to learn one of the most amazing shamanic healing techniques you can possibly learn.   You will be guided to create an inner sacred healing garden, which will  open an inner portal for healing and transformation. You will receive three guided meditations and instructions for using these meditations on a daily basis. This course contains a bonus Light Language track healing transmission. 

Facilitator: Chonteau McElvin



Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for Beginners

The course comes with everything you need to know, to get your mindfulness and mediation practice started. Start with simple steps and build your basic mindfulness  IQ with each lesson. This course is for the seeker who is ready to learn how to meditate and live more mindfully, thus creating more emotional resiliency and greater coping for day to day stress.

The course is now open.  Students have unlimited access to each lesson  and can move at your own pace. Once you have completed each lesson the next one is available.



Drawing Support From The Ancestral Realm

Ancestoral Healing Meditation Included

This lecture will support your ancestral connection and healing process


Exploring The 4 Healing Salves Of Mindful Living

Includes Songs and Meditations

Exploring The Four 4 Healing Salves of  Mindful Living is a lecture I facilitated at the Florida Herbal Conference 2019. 


Grief Ritual and Plants

This lecture introduces listeners to coping strategies using Ritual and Plants, when moving through  grief, loss and life transitions.