Meditative Experience


Heart Expansion thru Heart Connection is a gentle course that invites you to spiritual wellness by cultivating a 4 chambered heart. You will be guided with  4 separate meditative experiences to support your exploration and awakening around your heart energy center. 

Guided Shamanic Journey


On Demand Online Course


Reconnecting With Nature, 7 Daily Practices is an on demand online course. You will be guided through 7 practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

The First Four Steps


Online Course:  Gain a new perspective,  increase your magmatism, productivity, creativity and jump start your visionary.  

Recorded Live on 4-24-21


Live recorded guided plant meditation. 


Green witchery is about folk healing in all of her expressions, its about being invited into a world of mystical, magical wonderment and choosing to play along. The Green Witch Yearly Guide Magic to Natural Magic is a 12 module online course. 


This lecture introduces listeners to coping strategies using Ritual and Plants, when moving through  grief, loss and life transitions. 

Ancestoral Healing Meditation Included


This lecture will support your ancestral connection and healing process


The course comes with everything you need to know, to get your mindfulness and mediation practice started. Start with simple steps and build your basic mindfulness  IQ with each lesson. This course is for the seeker who is ready to learn how to meditate and live more mindfully, thus creating more emotional resiliency and greater coping for day to day stress.

The course is now open.  Students have unlimited access to each lesson  and can move at your own pace. Once you have completed each lesson the next one is available.


Includes Songs and Meditations


Exploring The Four 4 Healing Salves of  Mindful Living is a lecture I facilitated at the Florida Herbal Conference 2019. 


Online women's group coaching membership that supports authentic living, nature  connection and soul healing through the lens of  earth- based spirituality. This group meets twice monthly on zoom.