What About Me?


So What Do You Do?

Since I have released the need for labels, and professional credentials when describing myself,  and no longer define myself by the spiritual tools in my tool belt, sharing what I do has become easier. I now focus on what I love and most passionate about

I love sharing my journey as a medicine woman, supporting and training other Traditional Healers ready to express their gifts with the world through their healing practice.

I love creating healing spaces, I point people back to the deep wisdom of their bodies and invite them back home to themselves. In this moment I am particularly passion about creating healing spaces for Black, Indigenous and other Women of Color move beyond their wounds, and release their victim consciousness stories, that are keeping us enslaved. 

Its not easy for women especially, women of color, to bring their witchy ways to the marketplace. It's not always easy to sway in the Divine Feminine and trust she will support our endeavors. At least it was not for me, I had to break all the rules and create a new paradigm to get here. This is one of the reasons I love working with other witchy women on the brink of their conscious leadership. 

I love going against the grain,  I make it a practice everyday.

I also love writing, photography, laughing at myself, feeling the earth beneath my feet and talking to trees. I love making medicines with herbs and mother’s nature. I love developing programs that help healers reach their ambitions through intuition, imagination and nature.  

How Did I Get Here?

When I first started meditating at 20 years old, I was given a vision by the Ancestors, “You are a teacher and healer of the old ways”. 

 I have been unpacking this vision for 30 years and being guided by Love has been the way.

I continue to move through many layers of teachers, mentors, experiences, and healers to get here.  I  travel this journey feeling alone at times, unworthy, confused as well as  feeling elated, awakened and renewed.

In this moment “here” represents self love, inner peace, connectivity and unapologetically  living a life devoted to fully  expressing of my Light.  

Much Love,

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  • Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Central Florida
  • Certified of Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Hypnotist from The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
  • Certified Herbalist Programs with Susun Weed and Fl School of Holistic Living
  • Reiki Master