Spirit Candle for the Season of Virgo aka Geb Season

Green greetings folks, we are moving into a new season. Pretty much each season I create a sprit candle to support my movement through the energies of the season.  There is a lot going on this season it seems and Creator has called me do a little extra.  

Here I share how to create a spirit candle for the season of Geb or Virgo as most people know it. Geb is a Neter of the Kemetic aka ancient Egyptian  society.  "He is the source of all that comes froth from the soil, providing sustenance to human beings through his inventions and maintenance  of agriculture."  Rosemary Clark

The season of Geb or Virgo is one of transition as we leave the heat of the summer here above the equator and enter into fall and then winter. 

Always do as you are guided, tap into your heart of hearts and retrieve the wisdom that lives within. Do your research of the season and what shows up for you/ 

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If you are looking for a custom Spirt candle for any season or to support your inner healing work, reach out to me. chonteau@chonteau.com  For other spirit tools and creations, visit my shopify shop, chonteauscreations.com 

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Diazina Mobley

I love the idea of making spirit candles to welcome the new seasons! The last batch I made were for Winter with your instructional videos. I kept a few and gave a couple as gifts. I look forward to making more on a consistent basis and integrating them into my practices. 

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