This Sacred Journey focus on sacred touch for the feminine body.  The Live version was on 1/23/23 and the Replay is now available. 

We will participate in a loving touch meditation. We will reunite with the 8 energy centers of a woman's body through breath, touch and visioning. In this sacred journey, you will be guided to loving connect with your body during our meditation. 

This sacred journey is created for women as we move through our lady parts, however the replay is available to all who want to enjoy. 

Meditative Experience


Heart Expansion thru Heart Connection is a gentle course that invites you to spiritual wellness by cultivating a 4 chambered heart. You will be guided with  4 separate meditative experiences to support your exploration and awakening around your heart energy center. 

Guided Shamanic Journey

$22.00 (before tax)

This weeks sacred journey will be about reconnection, healing and awakening the womb space. For this meditative experience, the womb space includes the vulva and our pelvic cauldron.