Working With Chonteau

There are several ways to work with Chonteau.  She offers Medicine Woman Business Mentorship, several types of individual  and group sessions for Practitioners and Healers and her online memberships and courses.

Currently all offerings are done remotely. 

Medicine Woman Business Mentorship

Entrepreneurial Urban Shamans, Medicine and Sacred Healer are pioneers. We are blazing a trail and bridging the gap between between ancient medicine and modern business. We can not build our business like everyone else. We have a responsibility to honor our indigenous bones and bring this ancient wisdom forward. We can be abundantly successful and serve our communities with integrity.

I have supported numerous holistic healers find their voice and develop their businesses, by diving  into their souls healing and embracing indigenous world views.  If you are an awakening Spiritual Arts Practitioner, Medicine Healer or just beginning to tap into your intuition, I will help you build your confidence and healing practice by supporting your inward soul journey and you will uncover your soulful entrepreneur.

Apprenticeship Program

In order to be considered for our Women's Initiation Program one must work with me for numerous months and show considerable interest in the long term commitment this program requires. I work no less than 12 months with each initiate. 

The Initiation Program is multilayered and  designed to be one step of the many steps you will take  on your journey with shamanism and women’s ancient wisdom. 

I am  here to be your guide on the journey of self discovery and goddess activation.

Those women who have entered into the Sacred Healers Initiation Program have faced their greatest fears, witness their beliefs crumble  and  learned how to love the most unworthy parts of themselves.  If you stay the course, you will witness your rebirth,  awaken  your Shakti  and take your place among the great medicine women  in our culture.

This is NOT an academic program. We are not accredited,  licensed and the only seals of approval Chonteau has is from Spirit, the Ancestors  and Ascended Masters.

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