The Medicine Woman's Path to Soulpreneurship Online Course

The First Four Steps

This four step  online course will support your soulful journey through the terrain of entrepreneurship with a more feminine and indigenous  centered philosophy. 

In this course you will learn how to employ a more indigenous centered ideology for  Be-ing  in your business which will inevitably support your Do-ing from a space of honesty and  heart centeredness. Each Module or Step will contain activities, practices and other surprises for you to participate in. You are invited to meet other participants  in our community and participate in  our comments sections for learning  together.  

You will gain a new perspective which will act as a magnet for increased productivity, creativity and jump start your visionary. You will start to use your wild nature and bring this valuable archetype to your enterprising endeavors. 

This will lead to a more fulfilling and abundant life. 

Course Outline:

  • We will focus on accepting that you are the Boss and Leader of your domain. 
  • We will explore a seasonal medicine wheel and its connection to the natural rhythms and cycles of our endeavors.   
  • We will review three key feminine facets that are often overlooked when we enter into the marketplace as business owners. This part of our journey is about embracing a more indigenous centered view.  
  • We will explore your money wisdom stories and build a more empowering relationship to our resources. 

I am excited to be your guide on this self guided tour of your path to soulpreneurship.