Foundations of Traditional Plant Medicine Mentorship

for Black, Indigenous and Folks of Color SUNNER SESSION


Traditional healing is folk healing, traditionally passed on from elder to child, master to apprentice and teacher to student through the oral traditions.  This type of learning is historically  found in indigenous cultures and amongst other historically suppressed and colonized communities.   Traditional healers come in all flavors and have specialties in many modalities. 

This Foundations of Traditional Healing mentorship will focus on plant medicine. 

This is a beginners class and we will journey through basic indigenous philosophies, which involves unlearning commercialized "herbalism", foundational medicine making techniques and getting to know a few plant allies. Plant medicine is vast and wide and often the information is overwhelming for beginners. These mentorship calls are intended to move slowly and gently through basic information. 


Upon completion of this mentorship series you will be introduced to: 

  • Three foundational concepts to whole healing
  • Identify the 6 flavors and their medicines
  • Tinctures, infusions and decoctions  (medicine making techniques)
  • Learning how to identify plant allies in your area
  • Do's and Don'ts of plant ally research 
  • Basic self dosage of  plant medicines
  • Creating a plant ally journal 

You will self guide yourself through:

  • field guide exploration
  • creating lasting relationship with YOUR plant allies
  • plant medicine making
  • creative nature art expression
  • fun plant experimentations
  • research 
  • and more

Time commitment:

  • Two 75 minute live online monthly classes. Classes will be recorded for limited time downloading.
  • Thirty to sixty minutes weekly for funwork done at your leisure. 
  • Four month commitment for live class, Life long commitment to using plant allies for whole health. 


We will start June 13, 2022 and meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month until  September 26th. We will meet at 7 pm EST on zoom. 

There are no refunds for this course.  Please check in with yourself to determine if this aligns with your needs. 

Meet your Mentor