Gathering Our Medicine Membership


We are entering into the  season of Spring, a time of breaking through the soil, releasing the heaviness of winter and rising energy. The invitation is always to deeply nourish ourselves through ritual, meditation and deep listening.

In this container, we will meet twice a month for live calls. Each call is intended to support the noticing of patterns, connect in community and allow the medicine to work us. 

This container is a monthly membership container for all women. This container is designed to support your spiritual awakening/growth and introduce you to a more indigenous and feminine way of being, living and connecting in the world. There will be regular  journal prompts, (which is a great way to view our limiting patterns) insights and some recorded content to support your awakening and expansion.

We will meet  twice  monthly on  live calls,  the topics center around sacred feminine, earth based living, mediation and all things, living ones full purpose and meaning in a S.A.C.R.E.D. way. GOM is an introduction to how I flow, teach and support. It is a great place to begin your work with me before moving to individual support or other upper level group coaching memberships. 

Our first round of GOM was incredibly juicy. We had a great group of women who got exactly  what they needed.   What we need is not always what we want but always what we need is what we ask for, either consciously or unconsciously. 

  • Spring session begins march 1st and calls will be the  1st and 3nd Thursday  of each month at 7:30 pm EST.  cost 44.00 
  • All Calls will be recorded 
  • Monthly membership can be canceled at any time
  • You will only have access to the content as long as you are a member of GOM
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