Transformation Ritual PlayShop

This playshop  is a replay of a sweet and touching ritual we did the winter of 2023 You are guided in two meditations and creating your own artifact for transformation.  

This  is not just for the physical winter time. There are other times of winter in our rhythmic cycles.  The last quarter moon is considered a time of winter, night time is considered the winter time, there is the winter time of our personal journey around the sun, meaning your last three months before you birthday. And yes then there is the actual winter season. 

In this video we will be working with the elements of the winter season: death, decay, magic, hibernation, resolution and reflection. We will be making a sacred artifact that represents the parts of you that you are ready to transform. 

In ancient times, the winter season was a time to hibernate a bit more, learn and reflect. It was a time to alchemize what was calling to be transformed.  Again this can also occur at the waning moon cycle, each night and the last three months of your personal year. 

We will work with the energy of transformation in this earth based ritual. We are also working with the energy of letting go and death. That means, if you have unresolved grief and loss this may bring up old feelings and may not be for you at this time. 

In essence you will be making a replica of a part of yourself and laying it to rest. 

Who is the ritual for: 

Everyone who would like to work with nature and her elements to bring about change and transformation in ones life.