Loving Touch Feminine Body Meditation

 loving touch

*This is meditation experience is from our Live Sacred Journey Collection, this is a replay from our live event. Upon purchase you will have immediate access to the replay. Log in information will be sent to you. 

This Sacred Journey focuses on sacred touch for the feminine body.  The Live version was on 1/23/23 and the Replay is now available. 

We will participate in a loving touch meditation. We will reunite with the 8 energy centers of a woman's body through breath, touch and visioning. In this sacred journey, you will be guided to loving connect with your body during our meditation. 

This sacred journey is created for women as we move through our lady parts, however the replay is available to all who want to enjoy. 


*this meditation is intended to support body connectivity through breath, visualization and loving touch. We are NOT   focused on vaginal stroking or penetration.  We ARE focused on being more present in our bodies. 

*If you are unable to hold your center, meaning you are not able to healthily care for yourself and support your emotional body, when it involves being with your body, this sacred journey is not for you. 

*If you are victimized by your pussy or the term pussy is offensive, this sacred journey is not for you. 

What you will need: For this sacred journey you will need a quiet and comfortable location to lay down. Ear pods or heads-phones are recommended to filter out background sounds, but not needed. 


Your Facilitator  Chonteau 

Chonteau is the founder of SCU and she is a transmission for your medicine awakening. I support awakening  conscious healers and teachers open to the Feminine and remember their indigeneity. 

loving touch