The Green Witch Yearly Guide To Natural Magic

For the Green Witch, each year offers new possibilities for learning new herbs, connecting with nature, incorporating rituals and playing with the nature spirits. Each year I share on my social media sites, what I am doing in my garden and how I keep myself enchanted by the magic of nature. I decided to share the stories behind my magical garden post and mystical medicinal brews in a collection of folk healing wonderment.

Green witchery is about folk healing in all of her expressions, its about being invited into a world of mystical, magical wonderment and choosing to play along.

I created The Green Witch Yearly Guide To Natural Magic because many of us have forgotten that we are healers. We have forgotten the natural ways of living with our ancient mother earth, and  I wanted to bring remembrance that our hands are healing tools; through planting, weaving and creating we are healing not just ourselves, but the entire world.

The Green Witch online course contains 12 modules or months that align to one  year.E3BC4DB3-A655-4C00-99B6-82532570EE19.jpeg

You have full access to all modules which allows you to start right away.  

Each module contains a combination of:

  • folklore and  some medicinal value of each herb, tree or other plant ally
  • full color pictures of plant allies  
  • hands on activities and step by step instructions, opportunities for reflective moments 
  • spells and charms digital journal for capturing reflective moments, uploading pictures and adding recipes
  • home remedies and recipes  (some pictures included)
  • Nature based rituals and ceremonies
  • Moon phase dates
  • Information and rituals for the solstices and equinoxes
  • brews and other green witchery spells.

This course serves as an introduction to the world of plant medicine, nature and folk healing. Each month you will explore one activity that will open your heart to nature's wisdom. this is a self paced journey and each year you can play again and again. 

I can't wait to play with you!